A free woman is a powerful woman!

Do you have big dreams, but feel shackled by expectations? You are in the right place.

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Is This You?

You feel burnt out, overworked, and exhausted from constantly trying to meet others' expectations

You find yourself people pleasing and putting your own needs last

You feel trapped by expectations from your parents, family, culture, and society

You dream of breaking free and living life on your own terms, but haven't been able to make it happen

You want to make decisions for yourself and live your dream life, but don't know where to start

If this sounds familiar, I can help. I’m Asha Wilkerson, Freedom Coach for high-achieving black women who are ready to shake off society’s expectations and step into their own power.

I understand the chains that bind you because I’ve broken free from them myself. Through my personalized 1:1 coaching program, I will guide you to listen to your inner voice, let go of limiting beliefs, and take bold, life-affirming action.

You don’t have to conform to anyone else’s vision for your life. You get to decide. Are you ready to live a life of purpose, joy and freedom? Let’s talk.

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About Me

Hey Beautiful! My name is Asha and I’m a life coach helping black women (and women of color) shake the chains of expectation to start living in their own power, light, and love. I’m here to help you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, one who is confident, free, and living a life full of magic.

Some of my Achievements I am so Proud of

2 years

I am a certified Neurocoach™ trained by Dr. Shannon Irvine to help my clients to get lasting results by making brain-based changes.

31 countries

I've visited 31 countries and counting. My travels around the world have have allowed me to be cross-culturally conversant and culturally sensitive.


I worked for 13+ years as an attorney helping my clients win lawsuits, protect their businesses, and secure lucrative contracts.

3 years

For the last 3 years I've worked with women and entrepreneurs of color to start and build businesses to build generational wealth.

8 years

For 8 years I've been a college educator helping students reach their educational and professional goals in the California Community College system.


The number of people I've worked with over the last decade to help and guide them towards making their dreams come true.


My Services

Personalized Coaching

The most effective way to collaborate with me is through 1:1 coaching. I will take you through my signature CREATE Method to help you shake the chains of expectations to live in power, light, and love.

Reiki Healing

Step into the serene world of Reiki – a sacred space where divine energy flows, bringing peace and renewal. Join me for a transformative Reiki session tailored to elevate your spirit, balance your energy, and awaken your inner radiance.


Ready to travel and take some time away from your regularly scheduled life to focus on you? Well, join one my retreats so you can pour into your own cup!

Shanice Hemphill
Shanice Hemphill
9 July 2024
I was in a fog about things for a couple months just not knowing what's the next step. Knowing I needed to do things but not knowing at the same time. I received an intuitive reading from Asha for the first time. It gave me so much confidence and so much joy to make decisions related to my brand, my business and being super confident in how I show up in the world. This changed everything for me!!!

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