5 Things Stopping Black Women from Living In Their Power


With everybody talking about manifesting and living your best life, sometimes it’s hard to understand why we might feel stuck in a particular area or unable to actually go out and pursue what we want.

For years upon years and generations upon generations, we’ve had to play a particular role in society. One that has been compliant, non-disruptive, and subservient to the dominant white culture and to men.

Our brains are designed to keep us safe and alive and any time we begin to step out from under our previous roles and take up a little bit of space, it can feel uncomfortable, it can be scary, and can feel unsafe.

But it’s also important to understand that we have a right to live in our own power, to create our own magic, and to be free in every sense of the word.

I thought it would be helpful to name some of the things that may be stopping you from living in your own power. Here they are:

  1. Fear of Disapproval and Expectations: We often internalize societal expectations about our roles and behaviors. When considering significant life changes like pursuing unconventional careers, ending relationships, or making choices that deviate from traditional norms, we might fear disapproval from family, friends, or society. This fear of not meeting the expected standards can create anxiety and hesitation, making it challenging to embrace changes that align with our personal aspirations.

  2. Uncertainty and Self-Doubt: The fear of the unknown can be particularly strong when making life changes. We might battle self-doubt about our capabilities, even if we are well-equipped for the change. Societal messages that undermine our confidence can exacerbate this fear. Impostor syndrome, which is the feeling of not deserving one’s achievements or fearing being exposed as a fraud, can also play a role in hindering our willingness to make bold life changes.

  3. Balancing Multiple Roles: Societal expectations often place women in the role of primary caregivers and maintainers of relationships. When contemplating life changes that demand more time, effort, or focus, we might fear that these changes could jeopardize our ability to fulfill these roles. Striking a balance between personal aspirations and societal roles can be daunting, leading to concerns about neglecting family or loved ones.

  4. Fear of Backlash and Stereotyping: Women who challenge norms by pursuing unconventional paths might fear facing backlash or being stereotyped. For example, entering male-dominated fields could lead to concerns about being seen as aggressive or not feminine enough. The fear of being judged based on societal stereotypes can hinder us from fully embracing life changes that defy these expectations.

  5. Pressure to “Have It All”: There’s a prevalent societal expectation that women should excel in both our professional and personal lives. When considering major changes like career shifts or higher education, we might fear that these changes could jeopardize our ability to maintain this perceived “balance.” The fear of falling short in any aspect of life can be paralyzing.

It’s crucial to recognize that while these fears and expectations can affect some our decisions, not all of us will experience them in the same way. Everyone’s experiences and perceptions are shaped by our individual circumstances and backgrounds.

Now that you know some of of the very real concerns and (possibly subconscious) thoughts that are keeping you from living in your power, what do you plan to do about them?

I invite you to work with me 1:1 for 12 weeks to learn how to shake the chains of expectations and live in your own power, light, and love. Together we will identify areas in which you’re seeking freedom and build up your confidence and skill set to turn your dreams into reality.

Freedom is your right, taking your power back is your choice.

Book your coaching inquiry call today.

In love and light,



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