As a Black Woman, You Need to Name the Voices In Your Head
As-a-Black-Woman-You Need to Name the Voice In Your Head by Asha Wilkerson


In a world awash with expectations, norms, and pressures, the quest for personal empowerment can seem daunting, especially for high-achieving black women. As a life coach dedicated to guiding black women on a path to freedom, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of embracing our inner voices. Join me as we explore the journey of taming these voices and unleashing your true potential.

Meeting Chester the Critic and Anxious Althea

Imagine the moment you decided to step outside the box, challenge conventions, or prioritize self-care as a high-achieving black woman. Enter Chester the Critic and Anxious Althea, inner voices that often arise to caution us against potential pitfalls. These voices are akin to well-intentioned guardians, albeit ones that can inadvertently hinder growth and limit progress.

Acknowledging and Quieting the Voices

We’ve all experienced moments when Chester and Althea’s doubts overshadowed our aspirations. Their concerns and fears can be overwhelming, undermining our confidence and impeding growth. However, it’s crucial to remember that you hold the reins to rewrite their narrative.

Visualize this: you sense the presence of Chester and Althea, their voices growing more prominent as you approach your goals. Rather than letting their words steer your choices, take a moment to acknowledge their intentions. Thank them for their concern, and gently remind them that your journey is in your capable hands.

Harnessing the Empowering Potential of Self-Expression

In my personal journey, I’ve unearthed a simple yet profound phrase that guides me through the storm of self-doubt. “Thank you for wanting to protect me, but right now, I’m safe.” This affirmation shields me from their well-meaning interference, empowering me to explore uncharted territories.

Cultivating Self-Discovery

As you embark on your path to self-liberation, consider this: Have you identified the origins of these inner voices? Have you given them names, humanized them? This practice can revolutionize your relationship with these voices, making them less daunting and more relatable.

Ready to Ignite Your Inner Light?

For high-achieving black women who yearn to break free from societal confines and embrace their power, I’m here to serve as your guide. Envision a life where your light shines unburdened by doubt. Seize the chance to book a 1:1 coaching call today – together, we’ll navigate the journey towards your desired freedom. It’s time to embrace your true self and thrive in your power, light, and love.

Beautiful people, your journey is a masterpiece in progress. Through self-compassion, acknowledging your inner voices, and offering gratitude for their protective intent, you can reshape your path. Remember, every step towards self-discovery propels you into a realm of empowerment and liberation.

With unwavering support, love, and light,

Asha –Freedom Coach for High-Achieving Black Women

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