How I Became a Life Coach for Black Women Seeking Freedom
How I became a life coach for black women seeking freedom by Asha Wilkerson.


I’ve worn a number of hats over the past few years and I don’t often take the time to explain the shifts of my evolution. Well, now I think it’s time to explain how I became a life coach, or more specifically, a freedom coach for black women.

There are so many places to start, but I’ll begin with the most recent event that catapulted me into this arena.

I recently returned from my second trip to Ghana in West Africa. This time, I co-led a journey with black American women from the United States with the goal of connecting to our African roots to strengthen our internal identity and self confidence.

I had a moment while we were standing in the old Door of No Return in Elmina Castle, which is really a slave dungeon. As a sidenote, it’s funny how pretty names, like castle, are used to cover up the ugly, sadistic truths of history, like the slave trade.

Anyway, as I was standing in the small room that housed the Door of No Return, I realized that I was looking through the same or a similar window that my ancestors looked through on their last day on African soil. They saw this same vantage point, having no idea what was awaiting them in the future, but undoubtedly begging, resisting, and crying out to be released and set free.

If my words have conjured a powerful image for you, I guarantee it is nothing like what I felt and witnessed in person.

It was after we paid homage to the ancestors, poured water for them to drink, and knelt in reverence at the Door of No Return that I realized (again) that all we’ve ever wanted for the last 400+ years as black people is to be free.

Although the institution of slavery no longer exists as it once did, it’s tenants are firmly rooted in our society. In addition we have grown up with and become accustomed to social and cultural norms that quiet or silence our voices, determine how we should dress, and that limit our freedom of movement and expression. Many of them come from our own families because our parents and grandparents will tell us anything they can to keep us “safe.”

As I left the dungeon, I couldn’t stop thinking that all we’ve ever wanted was to be free.

I used to coach people on starting businesses for financial freedom. Now as a life coach and freedom coach, I want to help you live freely on your own terms.

As a life coach, a freedom coach, I want to work with you so that you can dare to dream up a life of freedom. A life that suits you and meets your needs.

Too many of us (my former self included) don’t have to courage to shake things up because we’re afraid of rejection, disappointing our parents, or because we don’t have the end in sight.

But I’m here to tell you that setting yourself free is so worth it. Not only will your courageous act set you free, but you will be an inspiration to your family members as well.

When they say that we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams, I believe that whole heartedly. They could not get free, but we can.

Now is the time to find your freedom, for you and for all those who came before you.

I have openings on my coaching calendar for new clients. I’d love to work with you over the next 12 weeks to help you find your path to freedom.

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