Life Coaching Pro Tip: Act While You Wait


As I’m writing to you on day 5 of Portland’s winter storm, navigating challenging times takes on a new meaning. I’m currently spending a few months in Portland, Oregon, with my mom before I embark on the exciting journey of relocating to Portugal. Let me tell you, it has been quite a ride.

Last Friday, a storm with 80 MPH winds ripped through the Columbia Gorge. While we were fine the first day, the next morning brought a power outage at 10:30 am.

Winter storms and power outages are not uncommon for us, but this time was different. The storm persisted, and temperatures dropped into the teens, a rarity for Portland. Huddled under blankets the first night, surviving the cold was manageable, but as the hours passed, the temperature inside the house plummeted to 30 degrees.

The Decision Dilemma

Feeling the chill, I suggested relocating to a hotel, but my mom, holding onto faith in our electric company, was reluctant to leave. Now, on day 5, with no power, frustration was setting in.

Unable to sit still, I lit up the old-school Weber grill, using charcoal to make coffee and cook eggs. A simple act that turned out to be life-changing. Well, maybe not life-changing, but definitely, spirit-lifting!

Lessons from the Storm

The lesson?

In life’s storms, sometimes we lack immediate solutions, waiting for change or rescue. It’s crucial to look around and utilize the resources at hand.

As Joyce Meyer wisely said, “Patience is not simply the ability to wait; it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”

I think about that all the time. What can I do while waiting to ease the situation I’m in or move it along? In the winter storm, I chose to pull out the BBQ grill.

While waiting for external changes, consider where you can take action. As I waited for the electric company, I focused on making myself comfortable and nourishing my body.

Taking Action While Waiting

Now, my question to you is: Where can you take action while exercising patience?

Life coaching is an excellent option if you’re unsure how to act while you wait.

As a life coach for black women, women of color, professional women, and high-achieving women, I assist in identifying your true desires and guide you to pursue them. Let’s build your confidence and self-trust for a life that’s authentically yours.

Book a call on my calendar today to have your questions answered about life coaching with me!


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