What if identity shifts didn’t have to be hard?
Asha Wilkerson sitting on a wall at the beach in Cascais, Portugal.


I’m sitting here thinking about the importance of identity.

Why is it so important to name who we are, what we do, and where we’re from?

We don’t obsess over finding the right nouns and adjectives just so we can tell other people who we are. No, these descriptors are actually the lenses through which we choose to see ourselves.

Right now I’m wondering who I am if I give up my home in America.

Who am I if I leave a stable job and a potentially lucrative profession because it no longer aligns with who I’m becoming.

Who am I if I forego my conditioning and step into my own light, my own love, my own divinity?

Who am I if I don’t?

Although we have this strong instinctual need to classify and identify who we are and what we see in this world, what if we just stop?

What if we sit in the unknown until it becomes known?

What if we lovingly let go of the need to be this OR that and embrace becoming this AND that?

What if the shift in the adjectives we use to describe ourselves is only painful because we don’t give ourselves enough grace and space to shed the old and don the new?

We think it all has to be done right away, but it doesn’t.

As I step into this new me, I’m learning to hold space (without judgment) for the undetermined. I’m learning to love the parts of me that feel confused and uncomfortable just as much as the parts that feel vibrant, confident, and strong.

This is a much better way to grow and evolve. No restrictions, just room to expand.

It’s a process. It’s a journey. And, it’s inevitable.

Sending light + love to you and your identity shifts too.


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