What if this is the hard you’ve been afraid of?
Image with text, "What if this is the hard you've been so afraid of?"


I hear people who are looking at making a change, wanting to start a business, or doing something new say, “but it’s going to be so hard.”

That phrase got me thinking about our aversion to challenges and difficult things. And half the time, the things that we anticipate being hard aren’t nearly as hard as we thought they would be.

But I have a question for you.

What if this is the hard?

Really stop and think about that for a minute, what if this right here is the hard you’ve been dreading?

Does that change how you feel about the upcoming moves you want to make or the risks you want to take?

Maybe it’s already hard because you haven’t followed your dreams or taken the shot.

Or maybe you realize that although it’s not easy, it’s also not that hard because you’re surviving it right now.

Earlier this year I was miserable. I was overwhelmed and exhausted, my body was rebelling, and I needed a break. I was so lost in my own “suffering” that it was a real struggle to see a clear path out.

One day, I leveled with myself and acknowledged the challenges I was experiencing. I said, “Asha, this is hard, this may be the most challenging time in your life to date, but you’re here and you’re surviving. This is the “hard” and your dealing with it.”

That seemingly small acknowledgement made it easier to keep going, to keep pushing and it became a little less hard the next day and even easier after that.

Once I realized that I was already in the challenge, moving forward became less and less scary because I decided it couldn’t be any harder than where I was at already.

I don’t know what it is that you’re working on, what changes you’re thinking of making, or what steps you want to take right now, but I do know that eventually the hard of staying the same will outweigh the hard of making a change.

And if you start overthinking it and get in your own head, just ask yourself, “what if this is the hard?” Really listen as your body and brain give you a response because chances are, you’re already doing the hard thing you’re so fearful of. 

Cheers to doing hard things.



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