Workshop Replay: How to Make Big Moves for the Life of Your Dreams
Workshop Title: How to make big moves for the life of your dreams.


It's not really a trick to making these big decisions and living the life of your dreams. It is a constant connection with yourself, knowing and understanding what your desires are.

Asha B. Wilkerson

Episode Summary

In this workshop recording, we discuss how to make big moves for the life of your dreams. I emphasize the importance of knowing your desires and taking action to achieve them.

The workshop also highlights the signs that indicate something is not right in your current situation and the need for change. I lead a guided visualization exercise to help participants envision their dream life and encourage them to take steps towards it.

The follow-up to this workshop is joining my six-week, one-on-one coaching program, which is designed to support individuals in living their ideal lives.



  • Know your desires and take action to achieve them; 
  • Recognize the signs that indicate something is not right in your current situation;
  • Envision your dream life and take steps toward it; and 
  • Consider joining Asha’s six-week one-on-one coaching program for support. 

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Welcome back to another episode of Because I’ve Healed.

I’m so happy to have you here. My name is Asha Wilkerson and I am the host of this lovely podcast. And this week I am bringing you a recording of a workshop I did a few weeks back called Next Level Living, How to Make Big Moves for the Life of Your Dreams.

Now I am so excited that you get to listen to this podcast, even if you didn’t attend it originally, because I’m going to show you how to figure out what your wants and desires even are.

And then to think about making a plan so you can make those wants and desires come true. We’ll also talk about some of the blocks that are standing in your way and holding you back. Now, a lot of people think, oh, I want to live this big life, but most of us don’t actually know where to start. And it’s often because we rarely ask ourselves what it is that we want. And then if we do ask the question, we often don’t believe that we can actually get it. So I want you to listen to this workshop and keep in mind as you’re listening,

that this is the process I help my clients go through. I help them go from feeling discontent, unhappy, frustrated, stuck, or just bogged down by current relationships, current employment, current life situation, all those things, to understanding exactly what they want to get out of a new situation and most importantly, taking the steps to get there. So have a listen. Let me know if you have any questions. Let me know what you think and I will talk to you on the other side.

You know what, I forgot to tell you one thing. I had some audio trouble while I was recording this workshop and there is a period where people can’t hear me. I can hear me. But you can’t hear me. I take out my headphones, which changes the volume. Then I put them back in because I don’t like the sound and then I ultimately take them out. So there’s a few volume changes. So I apologize if that disrupts you, but please bear with me and keep listening.

Asha’s Background

So welcome in. It is nice to meet you. My name is Asha Wilkerson. Just to give a little bit of a background so you have some idea of who this person is who showed up on the screen. I am a not technically retired attorney, but I was a practicing attorney for a number of years and decided that I was done with that life. I was a litigator and then ended up becoming a community college educator.

That was my dream job for a period of time. Did it for seven years, was running the program, department chair, all of that stuff. And then recently decided that that chapter in my life had also come to an end or needed to come to an end. And so I pivoted again and now I am a full -time life coach and healer. I got my certification in Reiki healing and I do Reiki healings for people, do community Reiki healings and help

people, my aspect or my perspective from life coaching is that so many of us are sitting in spaces where we’re uncomfortable and don’t quite know what it takes to get out of that situation. We feel like we’ve worked so hard for this. How could I give it up? Or who would I be disappointing? Or we just don’t know what other options are out there. So I meet people in that space of,

I don’t necessarily know what I want to do, but I know it’s not this. And together we figure out how to move on, move forward, which oftentimes includes healing from past traumas, reconciling events that just didn’t make sense in our minds and changing the way that we think about things that we can ultimately live free and live the way that we desire to live. So this workshop today is about figuring out.

how to make the big moves that you need to make to get to that dream life that you have been wanting to live. So thank you for being here with me today. Can I ask you what prompted you to join? What was the catalyst for you joining today?

I’m a chronic, like professional personal development person. So I’m someone that’s always like interested in how people are presenting information. Cause it’s like no new information, but how people present it absolutely very unique and, you know, resonate with me more or remind me of just the thing that I kind of forgot about that I heard before. And so I just appreciated this topic about, you know, making these next levels moves. I think for a lot of people.

this year seems like the year, like we’re four years, two years post pandemic season and all that kind of stuff. And people are like finally maybe figuring out to get into more footing. And so I just thought this would be nice to just have an introduction to your work and to this topic. Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for joining. Welcome April. I know that you just popped on and no pressure, but I wanted to welcome you into this space.

My name is Asha Wilkerson and I am your guide today. I will circle back around to tell you a little bit more about me in a few minutes. But if you’re feeling comfortable and are able to come off of me, would you like to share what prompted you to join us in this space today? And what are you thinking about and what resonated with you about making these big moves to live the life of your dreams? And thank you for allowing me to put you on the spot.

Thank you. I probably did not think was going to be at the moment. What was inspiring me? I think we get this feeling every year around my birthday. And so this kind of like a president. I had no plan. You know, being ready. And I took a solo patient. So I’m like, I feel so good. And like make this a part of.

of the day. So yeah, having to be doing my life. I mean, I mean, I’m so happy. Yeah, that’s awesome. Well, happy birthday. And thank you for sharing part of your birthday with us today. So I appreciate that.

Signs You Need a Change

So one of the things that people ask me a lot that comes up, as a barrier sometimes to moving forward is that people don’t always know where they want to go. And oftentimes before we, we feel like before we can make a move out of something that doesn’t fit, we have to know what the next move is. And I really just don’t think that that’s true. I think it’s enough to know that something about this present situation, whatever it is, whether it’s a job that doesn’t quite feel right, or it’s a relationship that’s not quite what you want, or it’s a parent-child

dynamic that just feels or a city that no longer lights you up like it used to, you don’t, it’s enough to know that this needs a change. You don’t have to know exactly where you’re wanting to go. Before I decided to, uh, I’ve made big moves like more than once throughout my life, but this last one of leaving my tenure job as a college professor and deciding to strike out again on my own as an entrepreneur, but also,

to leave California and to move to Portugal. I’m en route to Portugal. I’m not there yet, but decided to like leave everything behind. Before I could do that, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do next. And I found myself minimizing the discomfort I was in by saying, oh, it’s not really that bad. It was my dream job. It was my dream job. It absolutely was. And then dreams can change and I changed. And so it no longer felt like a fit. I was saying, oh, but I get…

and a half months off each summer if I want it, I get a month between semester. I was minimizing, playing up all the benefits because I was minimizing my discomfort. I felt like, I shouldn’t complain. I’ve got a good job. I’m also the first attorney in my family. And so I felt like I put on this pressure on myself, but it comes from somewhere. I was like, oh, what would my parents say? What would my family say if I no longer have this?

sort of job that they can be proud of that they can really easily tell people. So I started thinking about what are some of the signs that we experience in our bodies that let us know that something is not right because we don’t have to wait until it’s that bad. You can just recognize that things are out of alignment.

Physical and Emotional Signs

So some of the signs that I experienced and others experience are feeling like you have a case of the Mondays, but like every day of the week, Monday through Friday, you’re like, ah,

Okay, here we go again. Um, I used to have anxiety when my work phone would ring. I did not want to pick it up. I thought, okay, that means it’s good because maybe business, but I just, it, I just didn’t want to deal with it, right? Upset stomach weight gain. I ended up gaining a lot of weight, which I think was related to stress. Um, maybe responding to emails stresses you out, or you might be avoiding the things that you enjoy doing. If you keep waking up consistently,

with an attitude about things. I don’t think having an attitude is our natural state of being, but it can happen. Some people have chronic jaw pain. My dentist told me, I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but I was clenching my teeth at night and my dentist could see it when they would clean my teeth. I had no idea. They told me to get a mouth guard and to reduce my stress, but somehow at night, because of the stress that was manifesting, I was clenching my jaw. So if you have chronic pain,

or headaches, sometimes you’ll notice that the strongest voice in your head isn’t your own. Maybe it’s your mom’s or your dad’s or, or, you know, what you should do, the shoulds, the they, or an auntie or someone that has been influential. You hear somebody else’s voice over your own and you think, Oh, I would make a change or I would do something, but what would so -and -so say?

If there’s a lack of joy or feeling consistently unfulfilled or lacking enthusiasm for your activities that you do on a regular basis, maybe you have headaches or digestive issues. We’re not supposed to have digestive issues, even though they’re pretty common right now. Or if you procrastinate, if you’re continuously putting off assignments or things that you want to do, or not even want to do, you’re putting up the things that you know that you need to do because you just don’t want to do them.

Maybe you’re feeling restless, like you can’t find this piece. You’re looking for something, but you’re not quite sure what it is. It feels like something’s missing. How do you talk to yourself? Are you highly critical? Do you gaslight yourself? It’s not that bad. You know, why are you complaining about? You’re really fortunate to have this opportunity or low energy. Don’t think we’re meant to have low energy or feelings of imposter syndrome, things like that. Are there any other sort of signs or symptoms that you all can think about that have let you know that this situation, a situation, any situation is no longer in alignment with you.

Leaping a lot, yep, definitely.


I felt stuck before, kind of like, how am I supposed to get out of this? Yep, overeating, stress eating, absolutely. Alcohol, not to say that alcohol is inherently bad, but I have a friend of mine that I just know hasn’t dealt with a lot of grief and numbs with alcohol, but it shows up.

as I’m going out to this party, I’m going out to this happy hour, right? Anytime we feel like maybe we’re not feeling and so we make ourselves really busy so we don’t have to feel what’s going on. And these things or maybe mood swings or having emotional highs and lows, yeah, escapism is definitely real. The emotions aren’t the bad thing. They’re not bad. Emotions are just signposts.

It’s our inability to process the emotions that challenges us. And if you’re having strong emotions or these feelings come up, I want you to recognize that that’s actually just a sign that something needs to change. It’s just a message to you that something needs to be different. And maybe from that emotion or that feeling, that discomfort, you know what needs to change. And maybe it’s just inviting you to investigate a little bit more.

Guided Visualization

So the next step that I want to do is I want to do this guided visualization, kind of like a meditation visualization, because I want you to think about what would your dream life look like? And maybe life is too big. There’s this book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix that I absolutely love. And it talks about doing things in your zone of genius, your zone of excellence. But most of us are kind of working in our zone of competence, which means we’re good at things, but we’re not

excellent at them and we don’t really enjoy them. The next step is that zone of excellence where we’re pretty good at the things that we kind of enjoy, but there’s a lot of stuff we don’t necessarily care for. But the zone of genius is that there are the things that you are really, really good at and the things that you really, really love. But oftentimes we don’t see them as things that we can do because they come easy to us. We, you know,

Some people are really good at planning parties. And so you’re the default person that helps everybody plan the party or plan the trip. And because it comes so easily and naturally, it might be a skill that you don’t necessarily value. And so we often think, I couldn’t do that. It’s too easy. Somehow subconsciously, we think that work has to be a lot of work. And in this book,

the in the beginning, they talk about if you could design your perfect minute, what would it look like? What about your hour? What about your day? What about your week, month, year? So we’re going to do an exercise to think about this. Kimberly says, that’s my goal to create a life that I don’t need a vacation from. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I agree with that. Okay, I am going to share my computer sound and let’s see, can you hear those? It’s

Soundbills. Okay, perfect. So wherever you are, I invite you to close your eyes or you can just lower them if you’re comfortable. You’re sitting in a chair, place your feet flat on the ground and just take a couple of deep breaths. You can inhale through your nose and as you inhale pull the breath all the way up to the crown of your head.

Let it all go. Let your body drop. Feel your weight supported in the chair below you.

Take another deep inhale through your nose.

Exhale through your mouth.

whatever stress or work.

Think about the things that bring you joy, the activities that make you smile.

I want you to hold on to the feeling of how they light you up inside, how they make you feel.

to share them with.

Then when you think about a time that you…

…vibrate at the same frequency and that love is the highest vibration.

As you hold on to this feeling of love and gratitude, think about what your ideal…

How do you wake up?

are on the bed.

Are you taking off?


Cheers on the –

Step out of bed, take a look at –

that includes a walk -in closet.

maybe it’s a soaking tub.

Maybe it includes a window seat where you can sit and read and soak up the sun.

things are that bring you joy.

start your day.

Can you hear me now?

woken up, you’ve exited your bedroom and then think about what else are you going to do next as you start today, start the day. Maybe you start your day with coffee and meditation. Maybe you start it with an exercise routine, personal trainer that comes to the house, or maybe you leave.

tastes like…

now that you’ve cared for yourself in the morning.

if you work at all.

skills that you share with the world that light you up that you get paid for.


Maybe just a couple of hours a week.

And now think about the relationships that you have surrounding you.

Who’s with you?

Who do you see on a regular basis?

Who’s living with you?

Do you have children? Are they young? Are they grown up?

You have a partner or a spouse.

Or maybe you’re just dating.

free to come and go as you please. What do your ideal relationships look like?

How do you feel physically and emotionally in your ideal life?

How does your body feel?

powerful and strong.

elegant, sturdy.

Do you dance? Do you meditate?

What kinds of hobbies do you do?

How do you spend your free time?

What makes you feel that sense of freedom and euphoria?

Are you continuing to learn and grow?

What new skills are you developing? What experiences are you pursuing?

Maybe you travel regularly, or maybe people come to you and you curate an experience for them.

What does it feel like to be in tune? Your mind, your body, and your soul.

How does it feel to live out your dream life?

And now let’s visualize that our day is complete. Maybe we’ve had a few days, it’s been a week or so of doing all of the things that fill you up and bring you joy.

the things you would do all the time if you could. And think about the feeling of gratitude that you will feel, that you do feel, at the end of the day.

Just take a moment to appreciate the space around you.

to give thanks to yourself in the vision.

and to give thanks to a higher power or the universe or the God that helped you to create this vision.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, breathing gratitude into the air.

Take another inhale through your nose, bringing your vision, your gratitude up to the crown of your head and exhaling again that same breath of gratitude through your mouth.

One last time, inhale and exhale. All right.


Taking Action for Your Dreams

So, I am curious.

about this dream version of yourself. As you think about you in that dream, that is a version of you that is possible. That is, I call it your highest self, right? Anytime we’re visualizing. And so now I’m curious what the dream version of you had to do to get to where she is in that dream.

What decisions did she have to make?

What yeses did she have to say? And maybe more importantly, what did she have to say no to, to get to that place in her, in her life?

Feel free to share if you feel.

It’s to make decisions. Like I like to think, I like to plan. I do not execute. I do not implement. And so that you have to start doing a dream. It’s not enough thinking on it. It’s not enough. I can keep it all in my head forever. So that has to make some decisions and take some actions. So that version of you took action.

and made some decision. Yeah. Does anything stand out to either one of you about the things that your, your, the self in your version and your vision, sorry, had to say yes to or had to say no to? Or is there anything that, um, stood out or that you would like to take away from like looking at your highest self in that vision? Is there anything that you know that you want to take away from that?

And Kimberly, you said it about making decisions and taking action. Is there anything else or April, do you have anything? Love. Uh huh. Love. I feel just a lot of love. Oh love. Yeah, yeah, I feel a lot of love for myself. I mean, I envision a lot of things and I’m a visionary so my mind is always, I’m so. But in all those visions, I just feel, I think of the joy.

You know, this understanding now what the older generation talked about, elders growing up in the third, just being around older people in general, of like coming through this level of peace, that no man can really like take up. And even in all of what I experienced, continually to just like reset.

that keeps me, makes me feel low. And serendipity has been a symbolic word for me. Oh, we’ve had, they’re six to eight months. I think that really overlapped with like, being in the white space, not questioning your time, where you are in the world.

Um, so this is like no moment is not fulfilling them. Um, and there’s, you know, fulfillment, fulfillment, because people are literally dying from lack of fulfillment. Thank you for allowing me to be here. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So that, that version, that vision that you had of yourself is a part of you.

Right? That’s that future self, that highest part of you. And so I want you to hold on and onto and think about what wisdom that version of you has and what would she be telling you today? How would she encourage you to follow your dreams or to follow your desires to get to where she is? And so my tangible question now is,

What is one thing that you can start doing right now to step into your future self?

Just one thing.

you had to ask your future self for a piece of advice. What can I start doing today? Because oftentimes that ideal feels so far away. But if we can break it down into smaller steps, that’s how we get there, right? It’s not just like, all of a sudden you’re here and tomorrow you’re there. It’s steps along the way that we take.

The person is taking care of myself more. I do okay, but as soon as I feel stressed, the discipline leaves. Yeah.

Um, well, I hope that…

Being able to see yourself in your ideal situation, your ideal life, your ideal day, really resonates with you. Day by day, you just have to keep that vision in mind and start taking steps towards her. It’s not really a trick to making these big decisions and living the life of your dreams. It is a…

a constant connection with yourself, knowing and understanding what your desires are. And I journal all the time in the morning. Most mornings I wake up and I start journal. I get my cup of coffee, that’s my ideal morning. I get up, get a cup of coffee and I sit down with my journal. I love to sit down by a beautiful window and if not, I get back in bed like halfway under the covers and sip my coffee and write. And I check in with myself often. What are the goals that I want? How do I want to feel?

And it’s not just what do I want to do now. We’re grown, right? We’ve done enough, I imagine. Now it’s how do you want to feel? And once we know how we want to feel, we can do the things that allow us to feel that way. So once you have your desires, you know what it is that you want to do or how you want to feel, then you start making the plan to get there.

Asha’s Journey

When I quit my job as a full -time college professor, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. I knew that like, just generally I wanted to live abroad at some point, but I always felt really stuck by my attorney’s license in California. And I remember going on a walk with my friend and she was like, why don’t you just quit? I was like, what? Like it had not occurred to me that I would quit. I had a plan to work for 10 years, to pay off my student, get my student loans forgiven by the government after 10 years.

But her asking me that question allowed me to start thinking, what if I did quit, what would I do? What could I do? And I really made sure that I wasn’t trying to make the ultimate decision. I was just focusing on what could be the next decision to get me closer to this ideal life. I have known for a long time, I want to live abroad. I want to be able to travel regularly. I want to wake up with a big picture window.

near the water, I want to feel the breeze in the mornings, I want coffee in the mornings, I want to be able to work out, take care of myself, eat healthy food, I want to be able to socialize and I do want to do work that impacts the world, but I want my work to support me, I don’t want to be there just to do the work. And so I kept those ideals, that desire in mind as I started thinking about what are the different ways that I could make this come true.

I could do part -time teaching, which I ended up doing. I could quit teaching altogether and restart my own business. I could do a number of different things. So when you have your desires, when you know what it is that you want to do, then you start making the plan. I knew that I wanted to go to Portugal, so I went back and visited last summer. And one day I just woke up and it was like, yeah, this is where you’re supposed to be. This is the next move.

So I started making that plan. Okay, so what do I need to do next? I need to make my appointment with the visa company. I need to think about what I’m gonna do for work. And I didn’t have it all planned out to the very end, but I started taking those steps and other doors started opening. And then of course you have the doubts.

And then you have the questions and family and like, oh, what am I doing? I leave this career and all of that stuff. And I made sure that I surrounded myself with the right kind of support so that I could continue to make progress on my goals. And that’s really the third thing is that you have to just take action. You just have to do it. You just have to do it and know that everything will come together in the end.

that you have to hold that vision for yourself. Make a plan for how to get there and then start taking the steps. So one of the ways that I support people is that I have a six week one -on -one life coaching program that I can tell you about. But I wanna make sure that you, if you have any questions about what we just did, cause I wanna wrap that up before I tell you.

about the coaching. So you’re welcome to stay if you’re interested in learning more about the coaching, but if you need to take off, you can do that too. I want to make sure that you have any questions that you have answered about the exercises that we just did. 

Life Coaching Program 

So I am a life coach. I, a couple of years ago, I trained under a psychologist, Dr. Shannon Ervin to become a certified life coach.

or certified neuro coach, I should say, which what’s different about that is that I actually studied how the brain works. So if you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve gone to some kind of motivational talk or been like, yeah, with your friends, you’re gonna get it. And then two days later, not NLP, but I do know what that is. Not, yeah, not NLP. But then two days later, you’re like back to the same spot and feeling down because you were all motivated. And then now all of a sudden you lost all your motivation.

The way that our brain works is that we create neural pathways. So we think a thought repeatedly, we do an action repeatedly, and it creates like an information superhighway in our brain that runs on autopilot. So if you’ve ever said, me, I wanna go to the gym five days a week. And then the other part of me is like, I don’t wanna look like a dude. I’ve never, people say that. I don’t think I’m close looking like a dude, but people will say that, right?

It’s going to be really hard to get yourself to go to the gym five days a week when you feel like when you have an underlying thought that this action is not going to be good for you. Right? So I could say, I really want to move to Portugal, but oh my God, I don’t know what I’m going to do for work in work is survival. It’s going to be really hard for me to actually take that step to Portugal. If I have an underlying belief that is incongruent, with me actually going to Portugal.

Now the thing about these thoughts is that they’re often under the surface, they’re there to keep us safe. And so it’s important to be able to recognize them and pull them out so that you can cut that old wiring, close down that old highway, and then build a new highway. That’s what I learned how to do under the guidance of this psychologist, and that’s what she called, we call it, it’s neuro coaching.

So I have a Neurocoaching Certification and I am an intuitive reader and also a Reiki practitioner. And all of those things have come together and I work and focus on helping women, black women and women of color particularly, get free to shake the chains of expectations so that you can live in power, light and love. And what does that mean? That means getting in touch with your desires.

and taking steps to live that life of freedom that we all deep down really, really want to live. Couple of years ago, I was in Ghana and I was looking out of the door of no return, one of the doors of no returns on one of the slave castles. And it just hit me. It was like for generations, ever since colonization, my people, our people, we have just wanted to be free. And that gave me the permission to forget all of the achievements that I had done and to

live free and it became my mission to help other women like me begin to live free. So what does that mean? In my six week one -on -one coaching program, we get to know, we pull out your desire, we figure out what it is that you want, how it is that you want to live, how do you want your relationships to be? And then we set about making a plan to make sure that you get there. And by the end of the six weeks, you will be taking steps to carry out that plan.

and you will feel like a whole new person because you will have started taking steps to actually do what you want to do and to live how you want to live.

Client Coaching Success Story

One of my clients in the fall, she had had a tumultuous relationship with her father and she just got to her wits end where she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have a relationship with him because he wanted to meet her kids, he had never met her kids at this point, his grandkids.

And, but she was so hurt by their, by the relationship that they had had before that she didn’t want to, um, engage with him in that way. And so we worked together through coaching and I asked her, how do you want to show up in this relationship? What do you want this relationship to look like? How do you want it to be? And she’s like, wow, this is how it always is. Okay. But what’s your, what’s your ideal, right? What’s your dream? And so we kept that in mind and.

I helped her figure out how to change the rules of how they were relating. We stay in these patterns because this is how my dad has always talked to me. This is how my mom, this is just what we do and this keeps the peace. And I was able to help her redefine the parameters of their relationship so that she could engage with him in a way that was safe.

and like mentally and emotionally safe. And so she ended up being able to spend time with him throughout the holidays. She was very clear on what her boundaries were. And now they have this new relationship that’s just kind of building and blossoming, but from this place where she feels empowered instead of on the receding end of that relationship. So that’s just one of the examples of the clients that I’ve been able to help to.

change the way that they’re interacting in the world to get to their ideal situation.


So it’s six weeks of coaching. The sessions are 50 minutes. They would meet every week and there’s support on WhatsApp. So when you have a question in the middle of the week or in the middle of the night, you can leave me a message and I’ll get back to it during daytime hours, during office hours, so that when things are coming up, oftentimes my coaches, I’m like, I’ve been thinking about this, I need this, you know, and it’s.

It’s, you know, there’s three or four days before the session. So having that support throughout the week definitely is helpful. So do you have any questions? No questions. I appreciate you taking the time and sharing the exercise by having a hard time visualizing. And even this time it was longer. So that was good. Cause I usually quit before now. So this was helpful, but I still don’t see myself in it. Like I was trying to like, which maybe that’s normal. I don’t know.

Yeah, so do you see the stuff around you, but you don’t see you in it? Right. Yeah, me too. Yeah, I force it. Okay, and then I’m like, okay, so it just doesn’t come natural. Mm -hmm. So like, yeah. And in my visualizations also, I don’t typically see other people in them. Like, I know that I wanna have a personal trainer come to the house and I want breakfast to just appear, but I don’t have a vision of what that trainer looks like or what that…

chef, I don’t know who’s delivering the food. And I know some people who can be like very specific, they’re six foot five and they’re, you know, this, that, and the other thing, like, I don’t even know what I look like in the vision, but it’s coming out of my perspective.

Okay, cool. Well, thank you. Thanks for joining. I appreciate it. Yeah, no problem. All right, I will see you soon. You know what? I forgot to tell you one thing. I had some audio trouble while I was recording this workshop and there’s a period where people can’t hear me. I can hear me, but you can’t hear me. I take out my headphones, which changes the volume. Then I put them back in because I don’t like the sound and then I ultimately take them out. So there’s a few volume changes. So I, I,

Apologize if that disrupts you, but please bear with me and keep listening.

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