Your Inner Critic Isn’t Helping
Your Inner Critic Isn't Helping You


Do you ever find that your inner critic is the loudest voice in your head? The one that relentlessly points out your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections? Well, it’s time to tell that inner critic to take several seats, because she’s not helping you get to where you want to go.

We all have that nagging voice inside us, the one that whispers doubts and insecurities. It’s the voice that says, “You’re not good enough,” “You’ll never achieve your dreams,” or “You don’t deserve success.” But here’s the truth: your inner critic is not your ally. She’s not your secret weapon for self-improvement. In fact, she might be holding you back more than you realize.

Let’s debunk a common myth: the belief that self-criticism is the key to personal growth and success. You might be thinking, “But if I wasn’t critical of myself, I’d never get anything done.”


It’s Time to Challenge the Critic

We aren’t born with a natural inclination to be overly critical of ourselves; we learn it along the way. Self-criticism often comes from a place of feeling insufficient or lacking, but imagine what could happen if you approached life from a position of power.

What if you believed in your ability to land that dream job, rather than chastising yourself for wanting more? How would your actions change if you trusted your judgment in picking the right partner, instead of beating yourself up for learning to interpret red flags? And what if you saw your younger self’s sensitivity and intuition as strengths rather than weaknesses, allowing you to advocate for your needs unapologetically?

Your inner critic isn’t your ally; she’s your harshest critic, constantly berating you. It’s time to silence that critic and embark on the journey to become the free, empowered woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Embrace Your Inner Strengths

When you silence your inner critic, you give yourself the opportunity to embrace your inner strengths. It’s time to recognize that self-doubt and self-criticism are not prerequisites for growth. Instead, your true power lies in acknowledging your potential and believing in your abilities.

Imagine a world where you confidently step into your desired role, where you’re not held back by the fear of failure or the weight of past mistakes. This mindset shift can be transformative, opening up doors to opportunities you may have previously deemed unattainable.

Trust Your Instincts

Your inner critic often drowns out your instincts with self-doubt and skepticism. But what if you chose to trust yourself? What if you believed in your intuition, your judgment, and your decisions?

Trusting yourself is a powerful step toward living a life of freedom and authenticity.

When you trust your instincts, you become more open to taking chances. You’re no longer paralyzed by overthinking and self-criticism. Instead, you move forward with purpose and confidence, unburdened by the weight of your inner critic’s judgments.

Embrace Your Inner Child

We all carry a little piece of our inner child within us. It’s that part of us that’s sensitive, intuitive, and yearning for love and understanding. Your inner critic may have labeled your inner child as overly sensitive or too needy, but it’s time to reframe that perspective.

Your inner child is a source of strength and wisdom. When you embrace and nurture that sensitive and intuitive part of yourself, you can better advocate for your needs. You learn to love and care for yourself as you would for a beloved child, with kindness and patience.

To learn more about your inner child, read this post on Better Up’s blog.

Letting Go of Your Inner Critic

Now that you understand the importance of silencing your inner critic, you may wonder how to begin this transformative journey. This is where I come in as your healing guide. In my six-week 1:1 coaching program, I’ll help you shed the expectations that have held you back and unlock your true potential.

Together, we’ll work on healing past trauma, embracing your inner strengths, and fostering a mindset of self-trust. I’ll guide you on the path to becoming the free, empowered woman you’ve always aspired to be.

Don’t let your inner critic continue to hold you back. It’s time to break free from the chains of self-doubt and criticism. If you’re ready to embark on this journey toward self-discovery and empowerment, head to my calendar page to learn more about our coaching program.

Remember, your inner critic isn’t helping you; she’s stifling your growth and potential. It’s time to silence that voice and step into your power. Embrace your inner strengths, trust your instincts, and nurture your inner child. With the right guidance and support, you can break free from self-doubt and criticism, allowing the empowered woman within you to shine brightly.


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