Your Next Level Requires Parts of You to Sit Down


As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in Sedona, Arizona at an advanced intuitive reader retreat. I’ve been sharpening my reading skills over the past couple of years just for my own person development because I have this strong desire to tap into the magical side of myself.

When I’ve asked spiritual teachers in the past what I needed to do to become more open, to hear more, or to see things, they often talked about surrender and “ego death.”

Now, I remember learning about the ego in my psychology classes in college and in psychology terms, the ego the part of the human personality that is the “self.” It is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self importance.

We often hear about the ego in this negative sense, “that person is so egotistical and arrogant.” Or, “she let her ego get in the way and missed an opportunity.”

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I do not have a big ego. In fact, I can stand to boost my self esteem and prioritize myself even more. But that’s not what the “ego” is in the spiritual world.

In my opinion, the ego is the part of us that tries to protect us. It is the aspect of our brain that says, “this is unknown, so its unsafe. Don’t go that way.” It keeps us from trying new things or from reentering situations that feel dangerously similar to a past, unsafe experience.

I have come to think of my ego as my protector. That part of me that keeps me safe and that loves me enough to try to prevent me from failing.

As I’ve been progressing throughout my transformation, I’ve been shedding tears for the part of me that has to “die,” the ego that protected me for all these years.

But I recently decided that she doesn’t have to die, I’m just giving her permission to sit down, to retire. In my mind I associated the death of this version of myself with getting rid of a bad part of myself. And that made it hard to let go because I didn’t believe that the skills she developed to keep me alive, safe, educated, and employed were bad.

And that version of me was not bad, she just needs to step out of the way so that a new me, with new skills, can take over and drive.

So, I’ve been thanking the ego that got me to this point, the one who protected me all these years. I’ve been in deep gratitude to the inner me who adapted to allow me to survive a challenging relationship with my father, deep disappointment in college, and a divorce, amongst many other things

That version of me doesn’t have to die for me to get to the next level, she just has to step back and take a seat so that a new version of me can take the reigns.

And this change in thinking has really helped me to open up and to be ready for the change to come. The old version of me has fulfilled her duties. I’m throwing her a retirement party and pulling out a chair for her to sit in. She will always be with me, but she’s no longer in charge.

As you move through this next phase of your life, what parts of you can take a seat? What aspects of your personality need to retire for you to get to the next level?

As you begin to shake the chains of expectations, you will be forced to retire some aspects of who you were “before” so that you can become who you need to be now. It’s not easy, but it’s so necessary and definitely worth it.

I’m working with clients now 1:1 to shake the chains of expectations to live in power, light, and love and I’d love to be your guide.

And that end of our 12-weeks working together you will not only become more free, but you’ll empower the voice within to take action towards your best, most free life.

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